By accessing or using services provided by LORDSWORLD SRLS, located at Via Antonio Gramsci 47, Municipality Of Desenzano Del Garda, VAT number & tax code: 04319840981, users agree to the following terms, which are crafted in alignment with the Directive EUR-Lex - Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament on consumer rights, ensuring a secure, transparent, and responsible online shopping environment.

General Conditions of Sale

Our services, accessible via, are governed by these General Conditions of Sale. They apply to the sale of products with exclusive reference to purchases made on our website, in full compliance with EU regulations for e-commerce and off-premises selling.

Registration and Account Integrity

Upon registering, users must provide accurate information, subject to verification by LORDSWORLD SRLS. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate accounts based on inaccurate information, as detailed in our Privacy Policy.

Product Availability

Product availability may vary. In cases of unavailability post-order confirmation, customers will be informed and offered alternatives or cancellation. This extends to products requiring on-demand production, potentially affecting delivery times, especially for heavy or bulky goods.

Pricing, Payments, and Refunds

All prices include VAT and are subject to change. We offer various payment methods, emphasizing security through services like PayPal, with detailed policies available on our Secure Payment page. Refunds exclude retained commissions by payment gateways.

Shipping and Delivery

We deliver across Europe and the Mediterranean basin, with worldwide options upon request. For detailed shipping information, including policies for on-demand products and bulky goods, refer to our Shipping and Delivery page.

Legal Obligations and Rights

LORDSWORLD SRLS and its customers are bound by the legal framework set by the EU, including rights to withdrawal and data protection under GDPR. Customers are advised to choose appropriate customer groups for correct VAT application, as explained on our website.

Right of Withdrawal

Customers have the right to withdraw from their purchase within 14 days, as outlined in our Right of Withdrawal policy, ensuring compliance with EU directives.

VAT Application and Customer Group Selection

At LordsWorld, we understand the importance of accurate VAT application for our customers across different regions. To ensure compliance with VAT regulations and to provide a personalized shopping experience, we advise our customers to select the appropriate customer group at the time of registration or checkout.

Customer Group Selection: Our platform categorizes customers into specific groups based on their location and business status. This includes:

  • EU Business: For business customers within the European Union who require invoices with VAT reverse charge applied. This group is specifically designed to accommodate the VAT exemption needs of businesses under EU VAT law, provision of an EU valid VAT number is obligatory.
  • Italy Business: Tailored for business customers located in Italy, requiring VAT-inclusive invoices. This ensures that Italian businesses receive all necessary documentation for tax purposes in compliance with local VAT regulations.
  • Non-EU Customers: For customers located outside the European Union, where VAT is not applied to purchases. This group is intended for international customers, ensuring a smooth and compliant shopping experience.

Choosing the correct customer group is crucial for the accurate application of VAT to your orders. This not only ensures compliance with tax regulations but also streamlines the checkout process, providing a seamless shopping experience. Detailed guidance on how to select your customer group and the implications for VAT application can be found on our Help Center pages.

If you have any questions or need further assistance in selecting the appropriate customer group, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team at

By using, you acknowledge and agree to comply with these VAT application rules as part of our Terms of Use. Your understanding and cooperation helps us maintain a transparent, compliant, and efficient shopping environment for all our customers.

Non-Receipt Claim Process

When orders have been declared delivered, it is paramount for customers to open a non-receipt claim if the goods have not been received. Please contact us with your order reference or number at within 15 working days of the order status being updated to delivered. We encourage our customers to check their account and order status regularly until delivery has been confirmed.

Past 15 working days from the delivery status update, LordsWorld exempts itself from any claim related to non-receipt of goods. This policy is crucial for the timely resolution of any delivery issues and ensures that we can provide the best possible support to our customers.

Additional Information

For comprehensive understanding and to address specific concerns, we encourage visiting our legal pages, including Returns and Refunds, Cookie Policy, and more, providing detailed explanations and motivations for our policies.

Using our site implies acceptance of these Terms, alongside our Privacy and Cookie policies, ensuring a secure and satisfactory user experience.