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Mud Vacuum

Mud Vacuum

Mud vacuum aspirators for swimming pools are quite essential for cleaning your swimming pool, just like the classic home vacuum cleaners, they help to remove debris that are difficult to remove by a simple leaf net or any other manual cleaning tool.

They are semi automatic, in other words, you have to move them manually in the pool, the same gesture you do with a traditional vacuum cleaner, it is connected to a water pipe that has the other end connected to the filter.

It is particularly important that pools are vacuumed on a regular basis to remove debris and microorganisms that stain our pools, consume chemicals and help in the proliferation of algae and limestone.

They are attached to a suction tube which is first filled with water with the other end connected to the suction hole inside the skimmer or to a dedicated vacuum line. 

A telescopic rod is required to move the mud aspirator in the desired directions.

Note that there are several types of mud vacuums designed for cleaning the surfaces of concrete pools and vinyl/PVC pools.

Those used in a concrete pool are weighted and have wheels for easier movements, while those in vinyl/PVC pools have brushes, the wheels are not used on them because they can create marks from the wheels or get caught in a vinyl coating.

All dirt and debris that is collected by the mud aspirator will pass directly through the pipe and into the filter which will then be discharged into a drainage system or a sewer.


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