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A swimming pool thermometer, just like any other thermometer helps measure the temperature of the pool water, is another important test tool that most pool owners tend to ignore.

The temperature of the pool water is a very important factor for the quality of the pool water, although most people think about it based on the comfort/pleasure of swimming, but it has much more.

The water temperature directly affects the quality of the pool water because it significantly changes its chemical levels when the temperature rises or falls suddenly, this is the main reason why most automatic pool chemical testers such as BLUE CONNECT already incorporate a thermometer.

The use of a thermometer is also essential for those who require a specific temperature, for health reasons or simply to keep the body temperature at a comfortable level outside of pleasant use.

It's also worth noting that warmer pools tend to burn chlorine faster and generates more bacteria, so keeping an eye on rising temperatures has multiple benefits.

To date, there are three types on the market, analogue, digital and wireless pool thermometers

Analog thermometers look and behave like a traditional thermometer in which the display is essentially a thin strip of plastic or glass, with mercury (or alcohol) rising to indicate the exact temperature.

Although they are cheaper, they are not always as accurate as the digital thermometer and lacks convenience for users.

A digital swimming pool thermometer uses a detection probe immersed in water, which allows you to transmit a temperature reading to the display.

Wireless thermometers sometimes referred to as remote pool thermometers consist of two separate devices, the sensor that remains in the water and wirelessly transmits temperature data to its receiver, which then receives data from the sensor up to a certain distance .

This remote system typically works on Bluetooth or WiFi and some models have even started to take advantage of smartphone apps to turn the phone into a receiver.

They are the most sought after swimming pool thermometer today because they are fast, precise, convenient and also for their wireless functionality.


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