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    We specialise in the sale of all swimming pool products ranging from construction to chemicals, cleaning, fun and maintenance.

    We also sell products for the outdoors, for the home and kitchen, such as environmentally friendly heating and cooling systems, barbecues and barbecue accessories.

    Finally, we are also suppliers for do-it-yourself products (bricolage), some of which are intended for sandblasting, such as sandblasting machines, abrasive sands and accessories (nozzles, helmets, gloves and many others).

    As time goes by, we will endeavour to increase the products in our catalogue so that you can find everything you need for your needs.


    The swimming pools are an impressive source of recreation and relaxation, not to mention sport and fitness.

    In this respect, we have everything you need to make your pool perfect in terms of both functionality and health.

    Don't hesitate to contact us not only to purchase, but for consultation and troubleshooting of your pool, our experts are dedicated to providing the best solutions.


    *Winterizing: LordsWorld winterizers are best for closing swimming pools and maintaining water quality in unused pools, especially during the winter season for polyester pools and liners.

    *Stain Removals: LordsWorld stain removers help to clean and remove stains from edges, walls, waterline and all areas around the pool where grease and dirt accumulate.

    They can absolutely remove stains of all types, cleaning pool corners and pool edges. They are also good for cleaning PVC pool cover sheets.

    *Clarifiers and Enzymes: We sell clarifiers and enzymes of different brands such as flocculant (liquid and tablet), anti-limescale, metal sequestrants and filter descaler, which prevent limescale deposits, remove metal particles and prevent clogging of filters and corrosion of metal parts.

    They also prevent limescale deposits on pool walls, stairs and floors caused by hard water.

    We deal on clarifiers and enzymes that keep water recirculation channels, pumps and heat exchangers very clean.

    These products are easy to use, clean and clarify swimming pool water making it crystal clear and keeps the pipes and circuits of the whole recirculation system clean.

    *Algaecides: LordsWorld supplies algaecides that efficiently prevent algae formation in swimming pools.

    They are fast-acting anti-algae compounds, which does not produce foam and which facilitates the prevention of algae formation.

    Our algaecides are totally soluble in water, compatible with all swimming pool sanitising treatments and are also great at reducing chlorine consumption and unpleasant odours.

    *PH Corrector: Our pH correctors helps increase or decrease the pH value of swimming pool water when it is outside the recommended levels which is between 7,2 - 7,6.

    Our products are great at stabilising the pool pH level, thus avoiding discomfort for the bathers (skin and eye irritation) and damages to the swimming pools components.

    *Chlorine: Our chlorine products are great for disinfection and maintenance of water quality in public or private pools, They totally eliminate harmful microorganisms that can transmit diseases and infections into the body system, we assure you of a healthy and safe pool when you apply our chlorine products.

    We have different types and formats that ranges from the granular quick dissolving chlorine to the 20gr fast melting tablets, both awesome for super chlorination and also for hydromassage bath and Spa.

    The slow dissolving 200gr trichlorine for maintenance of stable treated swimming water and our most preferred Multi-action 200gr trichlorine (also known as 4-action chlorine or multi-function chlorine) that apart form being a biocide, has the function of an algaecide, flocculant and ph corrector.

    The use of our Multi-action Chlorine guarantees not just a safe crystalline pool water, but also huge savings by the reduced use of other pool water chemicals.


    *Trampolines: Swimming pool trampolines are a great source of fun when it comes to family and public recreation and relaxation.

    Choose from our wide range of swimming trampolines from the best renowned brands in the trampolines sub-category.

    We sell a wide range of trampolines of different designs, models, sizes and colours which are made of robust materials such as polyester resin and fiberglass with non-slip engraving which ensure maximum functionality and security for your friends and family.

    *Slides: Just like the trampolines, swimming pool slides and toboggan are a great source of fun when it comes to family and public recreation and relaxation.

    LordsWorld sells a wide range of swimming pool slides which are robust to ensure security to bathers.

    Choose from the different models we offer, they are composed of varieties of styles, patterns, and sizes with unique designs.

    The AstralPool swimming pool slides are one of the most desired in the markets, they are sturdy and manufactured with high quality materials.

    *Pumps: All swimming pool owners know quite well that the filtration system is the heartbeat of a swimming pool.

    Having the right functional pump is imperative to ensure a continuous water filtration thus LordsWorld is here to help you to choose the suitable pump for your pool from a wide variety of pumps such as variable speed pumps, self-priming, centrifugal and submersible pumps which all come both in Tri-phase and Mono-Phase electrical connections.

    *Sand filters: The heart of a pool filtration system needs a filter to be complete, this helps ensure the removal of dirt particles from the pool water.

    It is very important to choose the right pool filter and LordsWorld offers different models and types of filters such as, but not only the sand filters of the new MILLENNIUM by Astralpool with upper and side outlets that are made of a single piece of plastic material without welding through a blowing process.

    They are equipped with a pressure gauge and manual air and water drains to facilitate the right use for every need.

    All our pumps are modern and cost effective which satisfies our customers needs by providing tailored solutions of pumps with the right water flow low sound production to fully meet the needs of the private and public swimming pools.

    *Pool Ladders: We supply different types of swimming pool ladders both for infinity edge or standard swimming pools.

    We specifically sell renowned brands of pool ladders in this sub-category such as Astralpool.

    These products are carefully designed to offer a guarantee of anti slip and cut-resistant safety, making them a great resource for getting in and out of your pool with the peace of mind that only the big brands can offer.

    *Showers: Showers are also an essential part of a swimming pool environment, they are important to use before entering the pool as they rinse away dirt, sweat and grease which can easily alter the quality of the pool water resulting in a high consumption of chemicals.

    They are also necessary to use after the swimming session to rinse the chemical residues from our body to avoid excessive dryness or irritation.

    We sell swimming pool showers made of high-quality, elegant materials that beautify the pool environment and are pleasant for swimmers to admire.

    We specifically supply the best brands of showers that have high quality features such as foot washers, hot and cold mixers, double taps and anti-limescale double shower heads, all of which are excellent for both the pool and the garden.

    *Lighting: In addition to facilitating viewing in the dark, lights have become an integral part of building projects for different homes and environments, not least for swimming pools and gardens.

    We sell state-of-the-art swimming pool lighting systems that also make swimming pools a night living environment and a nighttime relaxation point, and also provide greater safety for both your garden and bathers.

    Our Astralpool pool lighting system produces a beautiful intensified light output with additional features such as easy change of color with the remote control thanks to the new low energy consumption RGB led technology.

    *Pool Heating: Pool heating systems, although very important for a prolonged swimming pool use, have always been ignored by most pool owners because they are seen as useless or do not even realize it exists.

    LordsWorld sells and highly recommends these pool heaters as an integral part of a pool.

    They are devices with low energy consumption that also exploit the heat of the environment, transforming it through water and air heat pumps for heating swimming pools.

    They are truly unique heaters that are energy cost effective creating economical savings (inferior to standard home heating), sophisticated and some even have WIFI connection for easy use.



    *PH Tester: PH and Chlorine testers are a must for your swimming pool health, they are used to check and ensure the chemical levels of the pool water are within the advised range.

    We supplier different types of testers that works perfectly well for any pool.

    The automatic pH testers are most advised because they save you time and give you accurate timely informations about your swimming pool water quality.

    With improved technology, you can now have the values sent directly to your phone via bluetooth and wifi even if you are in the other side of the globe thus giving you the possibility to monitor your pool 24/7.

    We have the electronic models and also the manual models in tablets, analytical strips and liquid test kits with reagents.

    *Thermometers: These are very useful for pool maintenance, these help to understand the temperature of the water, with too high a temperature it reduces the effectiveness of its chemical treatment and encourages the development of microorganisms so the pool water will need more chemical consumption.

    Having a thermometer and checking it for a safe temperature range is also vital for a comfortable and safe swimming experience.

    In this regard, check out our category of thermometers to choose the right one for your swimming pool.

    *Automatic Robots: A robotic pool cleaner is a four wheeled machine that crawls along the surfaces (Some also the walls and steps) of a full pool, vacuuming debris such as leaves and dirt and scrubbing the pool floor and walls.

    They generally contain filter bags that filter as finely as a cartridge filter, cleaning the water quite well and moving in intelligent (not random) patterns that makes the cleaning operation precise and effective.

    They also have the advantage of lower energy use and save you a lot of time that you can use for other daily chores.

    We sell automatic swimming robots from the most renowned brands such as Astralpool and Zodiac.

    Feel free to contact us for tailored advice on buying the right one for your pool.

    *Sludge Vacuum Cleaner: We offer a vast model of sludge vacuum cleaners that are produced from anodised extruded aluminium to plastic pool extractors that can be used regularly to remove debris in the pool and help clean swimming pools.

    There are different models that can be used both for concrete pools and PVC liner pools.

    *Hose: LordsWorld provides high quality corrugated and flexible hoses used in different cleaning aspects of a swimming pool such as with the sludge vacuum cleaners, connection with pool filters, skimmers, any external filtration systems and mud (dirt) suction accessories.

    The hoses we sell are good for both in-ground and above-ground pools with different diameters, connection terminals, length and are quite flexible.

    *Cleaning nets: They are most convenient for the removal of leaves or dirts with Large dimension which neither the Sludge Vacuum Cleaner or Automatic Robots cam remove with ease.

    We have 2 principal types (Surface and bottom) that comes in different forms, colours and materials.

    They are easy to use attractively designed cleaning nets for swimming pools, whatever your needs, you can find them in our collection of cleaning nets.

    It is important to choose the granulometry well according to the use that you make of it for both types of filter mediums.

    *Brushes: Swimming pool brushes are very useful for thorough cleaning of swimming pool surfaces (bottom, walls and angles) to remove film of hardened dirt, therefore difficult to remove with a sludge vacuum cleaner and they can be used both with filled and unfilled pools.

    They come in different forms and dimensions, versatile and can be used on concrete, fiberglass or PVC coated pools and can be easily attached to a telescopic pole.

    In general, plastic bristle brushes can be used on any type of swimming pool, but stainless steel brushes should only be used on concrete pools.

    *Sand & Glass for Filters: LordsWorld sells efficient and environmentally friendly sand and glass filter medium that are used to trap dirt and debris in swimming pool filters.

    The glass filter medium is made of active glass, tested in conformity with European regulation, They are composite made of 100% recycled glass and also designed as an advanced filtration media to directly replace quartz sand in water treatment filters.

    Silica quartz Sand/Gravel (quartziferous) is a silicate (silicon dioxide, sio2) used for sand filters of above ground and underground pools and as a draining material in the pots of many carnivorous plants.

    *Dispenser: We provide dispensers that are essential for dosing and dispensing chlorine, bromine or other pool chemicals into your pool. Our dispenser helps measure the amount of disinfectant released into the pool.

    We have both manual dispensers for maintenance chemical products (chlorine, oxygen, etc.) and automatically managed regulated, allowing the dispensers to automatically release the required amount of product at the right time without the risk of overdosing.


    Under this category you can find products to carry out for yourself creativity and reparations instead of hiring a professional to do for you with no direct help from an expert.

    This doesn't mean you can't turn to resources for help

    do it yourself is really about you getting the knowledge and developing the skills you need to do something that you would normally pay someone else to do for you.

    We sell mainly products for sandblasting ranging for the abrasive sands (synthetic and natural minerals) sandblasting machines and accessories that can be used also in other types of creativity and reparations.


    *Glass Microspheres: Glass microspheres are advanced abrasives used in a variety of industrial applications, ours are specifically made for sandblasting though we have clients that purchase them for other uses.

    They are available in a wide range of granulometry with hardness up to 6 - 7 Mohs.

    Because of their spherical shape, the glass microspheres are best used on delicate surfaces without being too aggressive to damage these surfaces leaving them with a finish texture between smooth and shiny to coarse and opaque based on the grain size used.

    The smaller the grain size, the smother and shinier the finishing while the bigger the grain size, you get the opposite effect.

    We sell them retail in 5kg and 25kg packaging and also in wholesale of 1000kg pallets.

    They are light in weight; having low density, low thermal conductivity, high compressive strength, improved dispersion and fluidity.

    They can be used also as fillers in rubbers, paints, glass-resins, resins, artificial stones, lightweight fillers, road reflective signals, oil and gas exploitation and more.

    *Garnet: They are a group of silicate natural minerals composed of Almandite granules, one of the hardest and tenacious minerals known that have been used since the Bronze Age as gemstones and abrasives.

    They possess similar physical properties and crystal forms, but differ in chemical composition with Conductivity between 10 - 15 ms/m (max 25 ms/m) and hardness ranging from 7.5 to 8.0 Mohs.

    LordsWorld put up for sale garnets for sandblasting garnets that are chemically inert, exempt of free silica and of any toxic metal, therefore guaranteeing a safe working environment with reduced disposal costs

    Sold retail in 5kg and 25kg packaging and also in wholesale of 1000kg pallets.

    *Copper Slag: LordsWorld puts up for sale ASILIKOS top quality slag excellent abrasive sand for sandblasting.

    They predominantly have an amorphous structure obtained as a by-product from the extraction of copper by casting, a first quality synthetic and mineral material, excellent sand for sandblasting.

    Blast furnace slag, coming from the melting of copper ore, subjected to rapid cooling and subsequent selection, It is without free silica and not soluble in water.

    The copper slags that we supply to our customers are suitable for the low dusty sandblasting of alloys, metals, concrete, reinforced concrete, wood, glass, etc. which are used to clean, remove the rust or make opaque surfaces of these materials, the high hardness and impact resistance makes it particularly suitable for the sandblasting of metals.

    They are sold retail in 5kg and 25kg packaging and also in wholesale of 1000kg pallets.

    *Corundum: It is a non-toxic abrasive, containing no free silica or components harmful to health, unlike other cheaper products (quartz sand) used for sandblasting.

    In the industrial field, synthetic aluminium oxide (Al2O3) crystallised in the trigonal system is used because it is cheaper than natural aluminium oxide, its hardness of 9 Mohs and its reusability make it the most widely used material for blasting.

    Since it consists mainly of aluminium oxide, it is practically iron-free and is particularly suitable for cleaning metal surfaces, removing rust and oxide layers, removing hardened colours and also in the jewellery industry.

    This particular blasting medium is available in a wide range of sizes, its wide range of available grain sizes allows for roughness, smoothness, and varying degrees of surface finish to suit many needs, It can be used on air and vacuum blasting machines, and does not produce much dust.

    We sell them retail in 5kg and 25kg packs and also wholesale in 1000kg pallets.

    *Sandblasting Accessories: We sell sandblasting accessories such as the manual vacuum gun which are suitable for working on any type of shot-peening/sandblasting cabin, most are made of aluminium to ensure light movement.

    On the market you can find both professional and hobby blasting guns but we always recommend for safety reasons to choose the professional one.

    Our professional sandblasting guns have a universal size that is compatible with most nozzles of different diameters.

    We also sell other accessories such as nozzles, gloves, helmets, filters and many others. Helmets and hoods are of paramount importance in sandblasting especially for free jet blasting operations.

    If you cannot find what you need in our catalogue, please let us know so that we can provide it.

    *Sandblasting Machines: Sandblasting machines and cabins are used for blasting surfaces with the use of abrasive sand such as glass microspheres, garnet, aluminium oxide and various other sandblasting abrasives.

    The sandblasting machines we sell at LordsWorld can be used to clean surfaces of rust, dirt, paint and other materials, they can also be used for building restoration, cleaning old wood, stone or marble beams, painted surfaces and for polishing all metals in general, glass, natural stone (marble, basalt, etc.), wood, ceramics, etc.


    This is certainly a most common category compared to all categories we deal on, that being said, we still have non common products that are awesome in satisfying your daily home needs.

    Take a look at our barbecues, fans and heating systems to find what works for you and create an exciting home that keeps you comfortable and relaxed.


    *Lava Stones: Lava stones are non toxic natural stones from volcanic extracts which are used to facilitate and maintain heat in barbecues and sauna. They are also used in decorating aquariums both for aquatic and non aquatic animals.

    They are an awesome alternative to the traditional charcoals still in use till date and they help achieve a well uniformed cooking level that maintains also the juicy quality of grilled food without losing their original flavour, avoiding acquiring new flavours differently from what we expect.

    They are heated exclusively with gas (cannot be used together with charcoal) and retain the accumulated heat for a long time at a constant temperature for between 25-35 minutes after when the fire is off.

    *Barbecues: Yes, barbecues are a well know home accessories mainly for outdoors with a mild range of indoor versions too, our barbecues comes in different styles and dimensions, ranging from mini sized that can be used indoors for family, in a small apartments to the large and extra large sizes that are great for your garden, restaurants and camping ambients.

    Just add your fantasy and we got the barbecue you need.

    *Barbecue Accessories: Barbecues are hot and we have risk of getting burnt when we prepare our delicious grilled food, this is why it is of utmost importance to use quality accessories for making your grill and also for cleaning as to find it ready for the next fantastic grilled meal.

    These comprises of and not limited to: grills, gloves, thermometers, cleaning brushes and much more.


    *Stoves And Fireplaces: Although they are an ancient way of keeping our homes warm, they have been revolutionised to meet our modern trends.

    They are now available in different colours and designs (wall-mounted and floor-standing) in materials such as wood and ceramics with metal inserts, modern power supplies such as bio-ethanol, gas, pellets and electricity.

    Now they really are more convenient to use for various reasons, from reducing dirt, ecological effects on our environment and effortless use and maintenance.

    They incredibly still maintain the romantic magic of the home, take a look at our catalogue of heating systems and make your choice.

    *Mushroom Heating: These are great for heating all outdoor open spaces such as gardens, balconies, swimming pool areas and much more.

    Not only that they are easily moved from one position to the other, they also have awesome qualities in their Powering because they work with ecological power energy supply such as Bio-ethanol, gas, pellets and electricity.

    Don't give up enjoying your outdoor environment in the winter and cold periods, these outdoor heaters will help facilitate your romantic moments outdoors and also satisfy your customers in restaurants, lounges and bars.

    *Ventilators: Ventilators have been a source of refreshing ambients during the summer season when the heat of the sun is more fierce, and today with continues technological upgrades, that are also a good fountain of heat during the winter.

    We have included in our catalog both versions (summer and winter).


    LordsWorld, A leading expert company in online sales of SWIMMING POOL PRODUCTS, with an innovative, unique full, andcomplete service strategy in Europe, that gives priority to CONSULTATION SOLUTIONS before and after sales.

    Our products are made from only the highest quality components and also from the most respected, renowned and trusted suppliers by our trade industries, we offer these wide selection of products to meet the ever changing needs and demands of our customers.

    These products are available at an honest and affordable price and their sales are accompanied with our complete customer service pre and post purchase.

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