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M03 Ventilated protection...

Price €411.52 €411.52 Vat incl. €411.52 Vat excl.

M03 Helmet ventilated protection with semi-mask in adjustable rubber, glass rounds, corrugated pipe, filter, silencer and flow regulator


Hood aerated floppy.

semi-mask, and adjustable rubber.

glass round and corrugated pipe.

filter silencer and flow regulator.

(also available are the spare parts, please contact us for further information)

M01 Protective helmet with...

Price €137.00 €137.00 Vat incl. €137.00 Vat excl.

M01 Cap, floppy cap floppy made of polyester fabric, canvas and PVC, with a semi-adjustable mask internal, rectangular visor and dust filters.

The Helmets and Hoods are of a fundamental importance to sanders, much more for the operations of blasting out of the cabins blasting.

The machining of abrasion of the surfaces with sand blasters will require a considerable dispersion in the environment of dust and abrasive blasting.

Using a helmet that is adequate to allow the filtering of the air that is breathed in and at the same time the protection of the body, sensitive areas, and not by the shock of the return of the pieces of metal, or less used.

M06 ASTRO aerated hard...

Price €359.00 €359.00 Vat incl. €359.00 Vat excl.

M06 ASTRO Rigid aerated helmet, with tear-off visor, cape, corrugated tube, flow regulator and activated carbon filter.


Tear-off visor


Corrugated tube

Flux regulator

Activated carbon filter.

(spare parts are also available, write us for further information)

(also available are the spare parts, please contact us for further information)