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LORDSWORLD POOL CARE, Chemical products you need to care and enjoy your swimming pool.

A dip in the clear water of your swimming pool is a satisfaction as well as great fun of course, the question is what is needed to be able to keep the water transparent, crystalline and sanitized at best? The answer is easy and you can find it in the LORDSWORLD POOL CARE catalog!

The quality of the water can not be separated from a balanced pH, our pH Minus and pH Plus regulators in solid granular form allows for perfect adjustment of pH levels in water, while with analyzers (automatic and non automatic) available on Lordsworld’s store, it becomes easy to constantly monitor the value.

Then there is the Chlorine family each of which offers a unique function based on your needs and choices. 

- Our fast Dichloro granular or tablets destined for effective initial or impact chlorinations.

- While the slow Trichloro tablets allow to maintain the optimal level of chlorine in the water. 

- The Trichloro Multi-Action tablets combines in a single formula, the chemical agents responsible for maintenance of chlorine level in the water, sanitisation, disinfectant, stabilizzazione of pH levels, and the clarification effect of the algaecide and flocculant activity that guarantees perfect Water Transparency.

Our Algaecide is a non-foaming anti-algae suitable for all swimming pools and effectively avoids the forming of alga leaving your pool water crystal clear.

Even if we do not notice it, dust and minuscule particles of dirt are one of the causes of water turbidity, with our FLOCCULANT liquid or tablets depending on filter type and the gravity of the situation, they help to make the pool return all transparent.

The Anti-Limescale is a necessary ally especially in case of water with high hardness, preventing encrustations on the pool walls, pool bottom and accessories, limestone is as unpleasant to the eye as harmful to health.

Our Sand Filter Descaler, helps remove limestone directly from the filter without having to alter your pool water values.

Naturally we didn’t forget the dirty grease around, on the edges and in the pool deriving from (for example) the creams of the bathers, which can be deposited when using the pool, our Border Degreaser, obviously supported by the mechanical action of a sponge or brush with which we apply it on the affected surface.

After your awesome summer on the pool, our Svernante will help make the winter closure a perfection, certain that at the time of reopening you will not find any surprises.

Keeping your pool clean, efficient and sanitized is not difficult but requires constant application. In fact, water does not "self-clean", but LORDSWORLD POOL CARE solutions will make you think that it is so!

Lordsworld Pool Care, Everything You Need To Enjoy The Pool!

LORDSWORLD POOL CARE, chemicals for pools like disinfectants, biocides, fining agents, enzymes, anti-algae, limescale stabilizers and wintering agents.

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