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LordsWorld is keen to respect our global environment and we work to improve this every year as to ensure that our contribution is meaningful to our users.

Below are the steps we take to be as environmentally friendly as possible, and also advices to our users to help us achieve this.

We use environmentally friendly packaging, new paper boxes made from recycled materials, even old boxes that can be reused are used to deliver goods purchased by our users.

These boxes are only used when they are essential for the protection of the products shipped, otherwise we ship the goods ordered in their original packaging or form.

Our packages corresponds to the dimensions of the products shipped and, if this is not possible, we modify them manually to make them the right size. 

This is very useful in terms of reducing the CO2 generated by transport vehicles, the smaller the boxes, the more packages they can hold and therefore, require fewer vehicles.

We offer standard delivery methods, these have two main advantages, 1) lower price as faster options are more expensive, 2) facilitates better loading of vehicles and more efficient routing of delivery rounds.

We provide alternatives such as collecting parcels from pick-up locations or lockers, instead of just home delivery, this helps to have a reduced vehicle route.

Also, we group items that are ordered at the same time and deliver them together.

We hope to be able to move to more environmentally friendly means of transport once they are available such as 100% electric vans, we have already made this request to our trusted forwarders and transporters and we hope they will implement this option soon.

Finally, some of our products are made to order, which helps to reduce waste and the amount of goods piled up in warehouses. It also reduces the need to build more warehouses.

Our advice to users who would like to help keep our business eco-friendly is to anticipate buying the products needed, shopping with the need to receive them the same day is bad for our environment, giving the space of 3 days to 1 week is better, as this will help keep our planet green.

Remember, it is extremely important to communicate with us digitally, the same applies to all printable materials received by us via email or our website. Don't print but you must, do help yourself.

Team - LordsWorld.

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