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Products for sanitizing and disinfecting pool water


Most times pool water is clear and transparent, it can contain bacteria and viruses that can transmit diseases and infections. 

For this reason it is necessary to disinfect it in order to eliminate all the micro-organisms present. 

When Chlorine is added to the pool water, part of this is consumed in destroying the contaminants.

The remainder remains in the water as residual chlorine, prepared to act against all those new contaminants that will be introduced through the atmosphere and bathers, etc.

This residual of disinfectant is defined as free residual chlorine. 

For a good maintenance of the pool a free residual chlorine level must be maintained between 0.5 and 2 ppm. 

The consumption of chlorine varies with the temperature, the incidence of the sun's rays, the number of bathers and atmospheric pollution.

For this reason it is necessary to analyze the level of chlorine daily by means of a chlorine and pH analyzer.

We have specific product for your public or private pool, they come in different sizes both tablets of 20g, 200g and granular. 

Dichloro shock for super chlorination, Trichloro for the maintenance and Chlorine Multi-action also a disinfectant with additional features such as anti-algae, pH stabilizer and flocculants that helps maintain the water transparency.

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