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Winter Cover


Many swimming pool owners don’t really comprehend the importance of a pool cover, it ’s most times regarded as an unnecessary accessory they can co without, but unfortunately it has utmost importance.

The winter covers for swimming pools are indispensable in protecting your pool from dirt, atmospheric conditions, bacteria and most of all, you can totally eliminate cleaning cost during the winter when not in use. Your pool wintering treatment is most effective when done combined with the use of winter pool covers. 

The isothermal covers for swimming pools are most useful in keeping the heat in the pool at night, this helps in increasing the yearly duration of use, you also can always have an early morning swim and save on water heating cost. 

They also go a long way in reducing use of chemicals and pool cleaning in general, thus saving you money. When covered during rain & wind storm, it protects the pool from rain water which destabilises the water and cause formation of algae, unbalanced ph level and more, it also protects your pool from dust, fallen leaves and pollen.

ADVANTAGES: Ideal to prevent people, leaves, branches and objects from falling into the pool, for the pool’s security during the winter when its not in use, it is highly recommended, to avoid dangers towards children and pets.

Produced in floating fabric with polyethylene coating, light and easy to handle with UV treatment, temperature resistance +70/-30 °C, varied model with weights between 210 gr/m² and 600 gr/m², High frequency welding and double edging.

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Fixing sausages and...

Price €11.95 €11.95 Vat incl. €11.95 Vat excl.

Spare parts and accessories AKUAcover and AKUAwin were designed to ensure that a value , long-lasting coverage of your pool.

The grid evacuation helps to facilitate the removal of rainwater, while the sausages are available as spare parts in case of damage or loss.

These accessories are for use with models AKUAcover and AKUAwin.

You can see it on our store the various models and types of pool cover available.

Pool winter cover sheet...

Price €7.50 €7.50 Vat incl. €7.50 Vat excl.

Cover AKUACOVER sealed with excellent tear resistance and/or a slit, which is available for 3 types of swimming pools, swimming pools standard, with a scale and free-form. We also have the accessories, then Sausages to spare, and grid evacuation.

Made of fabric floating with polyethylene coating on both sides and reinforced with armor inner polyethylene, lightweight and easy to handle, with UV treatment. Finish with beading around the perimeter.

Rectangular shape/free color green on surface and black on the inside. Resistance + 70°C/-30°C. Weight: 210 gr/m2. Full of little sausages of fixing, pressure cap, and stripes on the perimeter for the insertion of the small sausage attachment.

Ideal to protect the pool during periods of non-use during the cold season for those who have a swimming-pool with surrounding paving or at least 30 cm of the edge.