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Blue connect plus - Intelligent pool water analyser - Gold version AstralPool - 1

Blue connect plus - Intelligent pool water analyser - Gold version

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Intelligent Analyser BLUE CONNECT PLUS for swimming pools, monitor your pool 24/24 and works in any type of pool.

It can be installed in just 3 minutes "With app: Real-time information on water conditions"

The solution to take care and enjoy your own pool.


Thanks to BLUE CONNECT and its free app, the end user can:

Monitor pool performance and maintenance.

Monitor remotely at any time and position.

Receive a notification on your smartphone whenever necessary.

Save time and money thanks to the step-by-step guide.

Plug & play, easy to install and use.


BLUE CONNECT is easy to install and maintain.

In addition, the free professional web platform "BLUE CONNECT Virtual Pool Care" offers a direct overview of all the BLUE CONNECT installed by professionals, as well as providing many advantages such as:

Connection and remote control to the pool.

Increase customer satisfaction with real-time assistance.

Optimize operations and maintenance services.

It works with a connection, the “BLUE” app from Riiot that today is the only device connected to a platform dedicated to professionals in the pool industry. 

The measured data is analyzed and available anywhere and 24/24 in a personalized space.

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Color: Sky Blue. 

Free: Sigfox, Bluetooth Smart (BLE). 

Battery Life Span (hours) : 17,500. 

Product gender: PH and chlorine meter for swimming pools.. 

Warranty (Years): Blue Connect: 2 + Sensors: 2 + Battery: 1. 

User interactions: iOS (From iOS versions 9.3, iPhone 4S) Android (From Android version 4.3 and bluetooth 4). 

Weight (Kg): 0.711. 

Producer: Riiot Labs. 

Protection: IPx8 standard + UV Resistant + chlorine Resistant. 

Sensor Conductivity: Msurazione: from 250 to 15,000 µS/cm measurement Error: ± 10 % Precision: 1 µS/cm. 

The pH sensor: pH Measurement range: 0 to 14 measurement Error: ± 0,1 Accuracy: 0.1 . 

Sensor Redox/ORP (chlorine-active): Measurement range: 0 to 999 mV measurement Error: ± 20mV Accuracy: 1 mV. 

Sensor water Temperature: Measurement range: 5 to 50° C measurement Error: ± 0.2°C Precision: 0.1° C.


Water temperature, pH, disinfectant concentration (Redox) and water conductivity.

BLUE CONNECT, the intelligent analyzer, is a device (IoT) that combines the water quality sensor with an intelligent algorithm that combines precise data on water status, temperature and users. Thanks to its app, it will help you take care of your swimming pool 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, wherever you are.


BLUE CONNECT works in every type of pool and its installation takes only 3 minutes.

Depending on your needs, you can place it directly in the pool or in the technical room thanks to the Blue Fit50 accessory.

Every 2 years, it is possible to change the battery in a few seconds.

Mobile and tablet application name: BLUE by RiiOT free and available on the App Store and Google Play. Application languages ​​(EN, ES, FR, NL, DE, IT, PT).

The application also allows you to receive weather forecasts and receive tips to improve the condition of your pool.

ATTENTION: Works with iOS 9.2 or later for Apple devices, and with OS 4.3 or higher for Android devices.


Measure and control the main parameters of the pool through its four-in-one sensor:

- WATER TEMPERATURE: this is an important element of the health of your pool. With too high temperature it reduces the effectiveness of the treatment and favors the development of microorganisms.

- REDOX / ORP (CHLORINE): Oxidation/reduction information for disinfectant water power, disinfectant concentration and water conductivity.

-PH: It should be between 6.8 and 7.3 for maximum swimming and bathing comfort.


SALINITY - To determine the amount of salts dissolved in water, the degree of salinity of the water (salt level), measures the ability to conduct electricity.

NECESSARY CHEMICAL PRODUCTS - They are constantly analyzed for optimal pool quality.

the analysis is performed every hour, it is also possible to make instant measurements via Bluetooth.


Blue is always connected thanks to the technologies - Sigfox.

BLUE CONNECT continuously sends data to the cloud via a network dedicated to connected devices.

BLUETOOTH: instant connection.

Wi-Fi: use BLUE CONNECT with your Wi-Fi connection thanks to Blue Extender.

All of this data hosted in the cloud is sent to your mobile or tablet via Bluetooth in the free RiiOT BLUE app.

You have access anywhere and anytime.

Configured for all types of pools, whatever their shapes and sizes.

Thanks to this technological innovation, it will be sufficient to follow the instructions received for a healthy and balanced water.

You have access to various information about your water, but also the history of its measurements, the modification of the Blue settings of RiiOT.

The SIGFOX network allows the transmission of data through a dedicated network (without subscription).

To make sure you are covered, check your Due to the absence of coverage, the Blue wifi Extender ensures the connection.

Additional features: weather forecasting, multiuser, data history, custom alerts. (Only Plus).


Sensor - 2 years useful life of the sensor, easily replaceable in a few seconds and without instruments.

Battery - 2 years battery life replaceable in seconds and without instrumentation.


Multi-channel availability for consumables & spare parts.

Direct assistance service to end users through the BLUE CONNECT app.

On-line assistance for the end user on the website.

Technical and sales staff Fluidra after-sales assistance circuit for professionals.

We invite you to visit the online support site to take advantage of the - service remote assistance: (assistance).

5 Items

Data sheet

Weight (Kg)
Product Type
PH and chlorine meter for swimming pools.
Warranty (Years)
Blue Connect : 2 + Sensors : 2 + Battery : 1
Sigfox, Bluetooth Smart (BLE)
Battery life (hours)
Interactions of the user
iOS (From the iOS 9.3 versions, iPhone 4S) Android (From the Android 4.3 and bluetooth 4 versions)
Riiot Labs
IPx8 standard + UV resistant + Chlorine resistant
Conductivity sensor
Measurement : 250 to 15,000 μS/cm Measuring Error : ± 10% Accuracy : 1 μS/cm
PH sensor
pH Measurement : from 0 to 14 measurement error : ± 0.1 Precision : 0.1
Redox/ORP sensor (active chlorine)
Measurement : 0 to 999 mV Error measuring : ± 20mV Precision : 1 mV
Sensor for water temperature
Measurement : from 5 to 50 ° C Measurement error : ± 0.2 °C Precision : 0.1 ° C

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Blue connect plus - Intelligent pool water analyser - Gold version

Blue connect plus - Intelligent pool water analyser - Gold version

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