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Protective helmet with Electrorespirator for Sabbiing 0313218 Kasco - 1

Protective helmet with Electrorespirator for Sabbiing 0313218

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Casco Ventilar with fixed visor in polycarbonate, scrambled film-savory film, collar to mantle in polyamide (double layer), corrugated tube, rechargeable lithium battery and pair of antiparticle filters (class P3 R).

To ensure the complete safety of workers in industry environments, the fixed visor is designed with visibility at 180 °.

The Category III electrorespirator and class TH3 P R SL, is composed of :

  • Casco K80 with fixed visor and flow indicator.
  • T8-L8 Ventilation system with pair of P3 R filters and battery charge
  • The T8 ventilation Centralino.
  • Tube for respiration.
  • Lithium Battery.
  • Charge battery.
  • Electrical Cable
  • 2 Filters ZP3.
  • Belt.
  • 10 rip-off film saves vizier.

Link to video on how to wear : VIDEO

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Casco that guarantees protection for face, eyes, ears, head and airway. Suggested model for protection against powders in industrial environments (metallurgical industry, wood and marble work, abrasives, sanding, welding and painting).

This model K80 T8 very quiet and provides complete protection in the presence of dust up to a minimum of 8 hours.

The electrorespirator with helmet is an assisted ventilation device capable of protecting head, face, eyes, ears and respiratory tract from solid particles and aerosols and liquids.

The adjustable inner bardatura blocks the helmet to the front by conferring greater visibility to the operator.

The polyamide collar allows for a pleasant and efficient closure of the helmet around the operator's neck. 

The lithium battery is lightweight and easy to preserve.

Casco ventilated with fixed visor in polycarbonate, pepper-scrambled film, collar to mantle in polyamide (double layer), corrugated tube, rechargeable lithium battery, and pair of antiparticle filters (Class P3 R).

A perfect connection to the helmet and the centralin and guaranteed by the breathing tube with rapid attacks. In addition, the material used to realize the tube with a spiral enclosed between two smooth and easily decontaminable walls.

The operation of respirators develops by means of a slight overression created by a filtered air flow.

The filters of a control unit are the path of which the air is aspired and purified then sent through the hose into the helmet.

The control unit, the filters and the battery are carried on the belt.


PROTECTIVE -It is the only assisted ventilated helmet capable of protecting the head, face, eyes, ears and respiratory tract from particles and aerosols.

Protected by solid and liquid particles, also from aerosols is the respiratory tract.

Elives the visor's fulfillment and eliminates any breathing effort thanks to its continuous airflow that brings greater protection and comfort to the operator.

CONVENIENT -During work operations, its lightness and simplicity offer a high level of comfort by making it easy to use even for the less experienced user.

LONG DURATION -Realized with excellent and carefully selected raw materials, its components have an average life of at least ten years.

FLOW INDICATOR: It is possible to always control the operation of the respirator through the visible-ball flow indicator.

BATTERY TO LITHIUM: the built-in lithium battery, lightweight and easy to repose, is of the last generation.

Allows a high comfort during work operations thanks to its lightness and simplicity

CASCO PROTECTIVE: To ensure greater visibility to the operator, the internal impoundance, adjustable from 53 to 63 cm, blocks the helmet at the front.

To repel ultraviolet rays is used the white color that adds additional protection.

COLLAR: The helmet can be closed comfortably and effectively thanks to the polyamide collar that allows for the closure around the operator's neck.


Full Cap / Respirator Weight : [ kg ] 0 ,1/2,4.

Maxima/minimum flow at 20 °C-60 %UR : [ l/min ] 220/200.

Noise Level (< 75) : 73 dBa.

Battery : Litio ions rechargeable 7.4V. 

Battery Life : 2 years or 300 cycles.

Autonomy of work / Charging time : [ h ] > 8 /3. 

Exercise Temperature : [ ° C ] 0-40. 

Exercise Humidity : [% ] < 80. 

Classification EN 12941 : TH3 P R SL Filtration Efficiency P3 (99.95%).

Visore Classification : EN 166:2001 optical class 1.

Compliance with the EU Regulation 2016/425.

Nominal Protection Factor (FPN) EN529 : 500.

Dimensions : Adjustable.

Rating * * IP : 65.

Market : CE.

Gender of product : Electric Respirators ventilated with helmet.

Fields of use : Asbestos / Environmental Rehabilitation, Chemico/Pharmaceuticals /Food, Construction / renovation, Disinfestation / Pulia/Sanification, Carta/glass Processing, Wood / Furniture Working, Marmo / Mine Work, Health / Medical, Painting, Micro-sandy / Sabbiing.


Ventilation Centre-ABS.

Tube for respiration-PVC.

Belt-PVC (Easily Decontaminable Smooth Surface). 

Membrane valve-natural Gomma.

Visiera-Polycarbonate screen thickness 0.5 mm.

Band for fixing head-Polypropylene Thickness 1 mm.

Imbottitura-Magline with antibacterial and anallergic treatment.

Regulator Size-Nylon PA6.

EC Certificate according to EN 12941 complete with cap Conforms at EU Regulation 425/2016. 


AUTONOMY/TIME OF CHARGE : > 12/3 (i.e. 12 hours of autonomy and 3 of charge).

EXERCISE HUMIDITY : < 80% (Valid for environment and operation up to this humidity rate).

EN 166 : 1 (optical class or minimum distortion).

EN 12941 : 500 is the norm to which the typology of product (reference certification TH3, i.e. maximum degree of protection) refers.

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Data sheet

Ventilated electrical breathing apparatus with helmet
Power supply
Rechargeable lithium-ion Battery 7,4V. 
Sound level dB (A) (1m) ≤
Visor Classification
EN 166 2001 optical class 1.
Nominal protection factor (FPN) EN529 :2006
Weight Full Hood/Respirator [kg]
Available sizes
IP Grade
Sectors of Use
Asbestos/Environmental remediation, Chemical/Pharmaceutical/Food, Construction/Restoration, Disinfestation/Cleaning/Sanitation, Paper/glass processing, Wood/furniture processing, Marble/mine processing, Sanitary/Medical, Painting, Sanding
Maximum/minimum flow at 20°C-60%HR
[l/min] 220/200.
Battery life
2 years or 300 cycles.
Working time/recharge time [h]
Operating temperature [°C]
0 - 40
Operating humidity (%)
Less Than 80. 
EN 12941 classification
TH3 P R SL Filtration efficiency P3 (99,95 %).

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Protective helmet with Electrorespirator for Sabbiing 0313218

Protective helmet with Electrorespirator for Sabbiing 0313218

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