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Active glass 3,0 - 7,0Mm for pools sand filters 25Kg - 57013-AstralPool-Sand & Glass For Filters-1

Active glass 3,0 - 7,0Mm for pools sand filters 25Kg - 57013

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ASTRALPOOL Active Clear Glass is a vitreous composite made from 100% recycled glass, which has been designed as an advanced filtration medium as a direct substitute for silica sand in water treatment filters. Ecological filter material made of recycled glass.


More efficient eco-friendly filtration. 

Greater filtration capacity. 

Savings on water and energy. 

Cleaner filter bed as bacteria do not remain trapped and fewer chemical products are needed. 

Its non-porous composition indicates that it is less likely to form a "hoard" or channel than silica sand. 

Kind Of Product: Glass Active Filters Swimming Pools.

Features: The form of particles angular to sub-angulari.

Mm Grain Size: 3,0 - 7,0.

Packaging: 25kg bags.

Weight (Kg): Twenty five.

The delivery time for this product is 1 - 3 working day.
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ACTIVE TRANSPARENT GLASS is designed: To ensure transparent and perfectly sterilized water. 

An increasingly widespread technology, a product obtained from glass crushed with granulometry very similar to those of silica sand. contributes to reducing waste production and offering technology that saves time, resources and money. 

Using TRANSPARENT ACTIVE GLASS as well as being an advantage for the environment, is an advantage in terms of water saving.

The glass filter is more efficient: backwash savings and the consequent cost of water, energy and chemical treatment. 

An angular shape in the form of sub-angular particle and bound silica content provides a 30% improvement in the removal of turbidity compared to silica sand.

It generally removes the finest particles from water compared to the equivalent level of silica sand, the glass filter is environmentally friendly made of recycled glass.

With a higher permeability, counter-washings require less time, saving water / sewer costs, and energy and chemical treatment costs. 

The glass filtering material is kept cleaner: it is less susceptible to biofouling unlike silica sand, the glass particles have a smooth surface and therefore the bacteria can not be trapped in cracks or defects, which results in less actions corrective and even less Chemical treatments to kill pollutants.

The glass filter requires less material (quantity): It is less dense than sand, requiring 10% less material to fill the equivalent filter. The glass filter material does not degrade: therefore it has a longer service life and it may not be necessary to replace it even when the filters are ready for renovation.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of Active Clear Glass, the tests were performed in an external laboratory (CTM Center Tecnologic, Project PR13 / 0118, OT 105SATA13) to compare the materials, it results that the glass filter is more efficient. 

The conclusion concerns only the experimental test conditions. Variations can be observed in the results of the conditions change substantially. 

Active Clear Glass complies with the UNE EN 12902: 2006 standard.


The apparent density of Active Clear Glass is 15% lower than sand, so the amount to be introduced into the filter must be 15% less than the amount of sand. 


Fill half the filter with water to soften the fall of the glass. 

Insert the proportion of glass in the filter as indicated above.

Distribute the glass over the entire surface of the filter. 

Calculate at least 30% of height’s free space in the filter to allow the medium to expand during washing.
Close the filter. 

Once all the necessary glass media has been introduced, perform an initial as stated below.

The filter is ready to function.


ITEM CODE: 57011.

Grade 1 - Fine.

Effective size, d10 (mm): 0,45.

Uniformity coefficient, d60/d10 : 1,7 - 1,9.

Specific density (kg/m3): 2.500.

Apparent density (kg/m3): 1.300.

ITEM CODE: 57012.

Grade 2 - Medium.

Effective size, d10 (mm): 1,1.

Uniformity coefficient, d60/d10 : 1,7 - 1,9.

Specific density (kg/m3): 2.500.

Apparent density (kg/m3): 1.310.

ITEM CODE: 57013.

Grade 3 - Coarse.

Effective size, d10 (mm): 2,3.

Uniformity coefficient, d60/d10 : 1,3 - 1,5.

Specific density (kg/m3): 2.500.

Apparent density (kg/m3): 1.340.


SiO2 : 50 - 70%.

CaO: 5 - 25%.

Na2O : 5 - 25%.

Al2O3 : 1 - 5%.

K2O : 1 - 5%.

MgO : 1 - 5%.

Fe2O3 : < 1%.

TiO2 : < 0,5%.

SrO : < 0,5%.

Cr2O : < 0,5%.

PbO : < 0,5%.

BaO : < 0,5%.


Green Glass: (weight) % = 20 - 40%.

Brown Glass: (weight) % = 20 - 40%.

White Glass : (weight) % = 20 - 40%.

Blue Glass: (weight) % = 0 - 5%.


57011 - Grade 1 | Filters Ø < 90 cm = 80% | Filters Ø < 90 cm = 60% |.

57012 - Grade 2 | Filters Ø < 90 cm =   -     | Filters Ø < 90 cm = 20% |.

57013 - Grade 3 | Filters Ø < 90 cm = 20% | Filters Ø < 90 cm = 20% |.

RECOMMENDED HEIGHT OF FILTERING BED - It is recommended to leave a free space of 30% of the height of the filter to allow the expansion of the filtering bed in the washing operation.

INITIAL WASH - Once the glass has been introduced into the filter, perform at least 3 consecutive washings with clear water for 10-15 minutes. Afterwards, rinse for at least 1 hour. 

RECOMMENDED FILTRATION SPEED - A filtration rate of less than 50 m3/h/m2 is recommended. The filtration efficiency is higher the lower the speed. 

RECOMMENDED WASHING SPEED - For a correct washing of the filtering bed it is recommended that the media expands at least 20%. For this, in general, the washing speed should be between 40 - 50 m3/h/m2.

RECOMMENDED DURATION OF WASHING CYCLE - An adequate washing duration will be one in which the water looks clean once the washing has been carried out. 

In general, it can be determined that the duration of washing should last between 5 and 10 minutes.

EFFICIENCY - Product complies with European norm EN 16713-1, section 7.2, obtaining values of 95% efficiency of the reduction of turbidity.

PACKAGING - Active Clear Glass is supplied in transparent plastic bags treated with an UV inhibitor that protects the plastic from sunlight for 6 to 8 months. 

Even so, it is recommended to store the product in cool places at room temperature and preserve from solar radiation.


36 Items

Data sheet

shape of angular particles to sub angular
Sand and glass medium for filters
Weight (Kg)
Active glass for swimming pool filters.
Granulometry (Mm)

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Active glass 3,0 - 7,0Mm for pools sand filters 25Kg - 57013

Active glass 3,0 - 7,0Mm for pools sand filters 25Kg - 57013

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