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    (00596) 0.4 - 0.8Mm Quartz sand for sand filters 25Kg AstralPool - 1

    (00596) 0.4 - 0.8Mm Quartz sand for sand filters 25Kg

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    ASTRALPOOL Silica quartz Sand/Gravel (quartziferous), excellent depuration for filtering charges of pool sand filters.

    Special quartziferous sand to filter swimming pool water.

    For a correct use of the cleaning pump.

    Material in perfect quality.

    Kind Of Product: Quartz Sand For Pool Filters.

    Packaging: 25kg bags.

    Features: Sand, Gravel, silicon dioxide, sio2.

    Mm Grain Size: 0,4 - 0,8.

    Weight (Kg): Twenty five.

    sono sicuro

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    ASTRALPOOL Silica quartz Sand/Gravel (quartziferous) is a silicate (silicon dioxide, sio2) used for sand filters of above ground and underground pools and as draining material in the pots of many carnivorous plants.

    It is important to choose the granulometry well according to the use that you make of it.


    ASTRALPOOL Silica quartz Sand/Gravel (quartziferous) by Astralpool special for filtering pool water, perfect for the correct use of the cleaning pump.

    Material in perfect quality specially made for the treatment and purification of swimming pool water "special sand filter" (it is advisable to read carefully the manual of your pump before use).


    To fill jars or containers as a support for flower pots, draining foundations of pots or jars where it is necessary to weight these supports to make them more stable.

    Mixed with the soil to provide the right amount of silicon to plants that need this element.

    As a background for aquariums where you want to rebuild a backdrop made up of real aquatic plants.

    In construction, mixed with cement to build cement enamel of all kinds.


    No sharp edges (rounded edges).

    It meets the following DIN regulations.

    DIN 19643 and water treatment of swimming pools.

    DIN EN 12904 drinking water treatment.

    DIN 4924 Well.

    PH neutral.

    Repeatedly washed and dried by the fire.

    Repeatedly dusted and sieved.

    Free of organic impurities.

    Color White-gray-straw-colored depending on the origin.

    Physical state Solid.

    Crystalline form.

    No smell

    SOLUBILITY: Insoluble in water, Soluble in hydrofluoric acid.


    Raw material containing single quartz and crystalline aggregates.

    SiO2 - Nr. C.A.S. 14808-60.7 80.50% (quartz).

    Al2O3 7.10%.

    Fe2O3 1.70%.

    CaO 1.85%.

    MgO 2.88%.

    TiO2 0.24%.

    SO3 0.01%.

    Na2O 1.61%.

    K2O 1.73%.

    Mass: specific weight Appar. 1.3 - 1.5 g / cm3. Ass. 2.6 - 2.7 g / cm3.


    R20 - HARMFUL BY INHALATION - High concentration aero-dispersed powder is irritating to the eyes and the respiratory tract (In general no first aid measures are necessary In case of inhalation Remove victim to fresh air).

    FIRE - the product is non-combustible and can be used to stifle the flames.

    In case of contact with the skin (no action).

    In case of contact with eyes (wash accurately and thoroughly with water).

    In case of ingestion Consult with your doctor.

    Actions to avoid (none).


    For the elimination of waste, observe your current local legislation; the residues can be transferred to landfills for construction materials.


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    sand - gravel - silicon dioxide - sio2
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    Quartz sand for swimming pool filters.
    25kg bags
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    0,4 - 0,8
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