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Pumps, the heart of the pool water circulation system


Pool pumps are essentially the heart of the pool circulation system, It extracts water from the pool and pushes it through the filter which returns it to the pool clean and void of particles and impurities

The entire operation of the swimming pool is dictated to the operation of the pump.

Generally, the cleaning system can not operate and the pool water can not be filtered without the pump running.

It is therefore essential, to be aware of the right pump for the maintenance of your swimming pool.

We have a wide range of pump from variable speed pumps, self-priming pumps, centrifugal pumps and submersible pumps etc.


Variable speed pumps are born as a new concept of pool pump which with its new functionalities of increasing and decreasing their speed, helps to modify the pump’s speed and flow-rate preserving energy consumption.

Their performance can be adapted according to the installation and user needs. 


Self-priming pumps have the ability to draw water from the pool to the filter and then push it back into the pool.

They come in single-phase and three-phase motors as well as having prefilters integrated into the pump body to prevent foreign objects which could damage the hydraulic parts of the pump from entering.


A centrifugal pump uses a rotating rotor which draws water towards its center and by centrifugal force, discharges it outwards through the rotor blades out of the pump. The action is characterized by low pressures and low capacity.


Submersible pumps are capable of pumping water even when submerged to great depths.

The submersible pumps unlike other types of pumps, do not depend on the air pressure surrounding them, as a result they can push liquids to considerable heights.

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