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Pool Heating

Heat your swimming pool economically and enjoy it longer.

THE BENEFITS OF POOL HEATING: The pleasure of diving and bathing in swimming pools with water temperature at 28-30 degrees is awesome. Starting a season or ending same, also during seasons with a very variable climate, most time we realise that the swimming pool water is cooler, around 23-25 ​​°C which makes it less enjoyable to use.

In areas with a mild climate and especially for outdoor pools, the bathing season can often be reduced to only two or three warmer months of the year. As of today, thanks to the air and water heat pumps and other heating systems, this likely unpleasant situation can be solved in an economic way giving the assurance to enjoy the use of your pool for longer period of the year, even with lower ambient temperature.

These water heating systems ensure that it maintains ideal temperatures for swimming even out of season or in the absence of sun. It is naturally advised and important to install the swimming pool, if outdoors, in the sunniest area of the garden and protected from cold wind drafts. It is also essential to have a pool cover which helps to reduce heat loss, water evaporation and protection from leaves, dust and insects. 

HEAT PUMPS: The heat pump takes the heat in the environment, for example in the air, this also even if the heat taken from the medium (air) is lower than that contained in the ambient to be heated.

Further examples: The heat pumps already operates at 10 °C also in the case when the water you want to heat is already at 20 °C. 

This means that heat pumps do not need a "mild" environment to work, but they can already operate at low temperatures.

The heat pump is even cheaper when the electricity needed for heat production is provided by an environmentally friendly (photovoltaic) system.

The pool heat pump produces heat energy with the aid of natural energy resources (water, air, sun, earth), in order to produce hot water.

It is nowadays widely used to maintain the water in the pools at the ideal temperature, and can be easily installed in existing pool systems.

Compared to the use of a gas boiler or an exclusively electric system, the heat pump is easy to install, does not burn fuel and guarantees high performance with reduced energy consumption.

COMPACT ELECTRIC HEATER: Electric heaters use the Joule effect to heat your pool so that you can use it all year round even if space is limited. 

Our electric heaters use the most reliable and efficient technology to heat the water.

If you are looking for a simple solution that goes unnoticed in spas and small pools.

The electric pool heater allows you to heat water quickly and is the ideal solution especially for pools that are not frequently used. 

It is installed near the filtration system, taking up little space compared to other heating systems, it is easy to install and requires reduced maintenance.

SOLAR PANELS: The solar panels for swimming pools is used to increase the water temperature with the aid of the sun's. It is an effective and economical method to heat the pool water with solar energy, thus lending a precious ecological attention to the environment. 

THE HEAT EXCHANGER: Heat exchanger for heating water in swimming pools and spas by exchanging heat between a primary circuit and a secondary circuit. 

With the pool heat exchanger you can quickly heat pool water using existing heating systems, such as heat pumps, solar heaters, gas boilers or more.

Taking advantage of the domestic hot water system which is the primary circuit to bring that of the pool being the secondary circuit to the ideal temperature in a fast manner. 

The water coming from the primary circuit overheats a serpentine contained in a heat exchanger cell. 

This brings to the heating of the secondary circuit which is in contact with the serpentine thus bringing the pool water to the desired temperature.

Our heat exchangers are also suitable for use with chlorinated and salty water in therapeutic and spa pools. 

INVERTER TECHNOLOGY: The inverter technology allows the heat pump to change its power based on the pool water temperature and climatic conditions. Therefore, it works at all times at the optimal working point and therefore achieves greater energy efficiency, a quieter operation and can be used all year round.

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