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1Kg Ph Minus reducer, Ph corrector - granular LordsWorld Pool Care - 1

pH minus swimming pool water pH reducer - granular pH corrector 1Kg

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Granular pH Minus - pH reducer for the maintenance and treatment of pool water.

The perfect pH balance should be between 7.2 -7.6.

The pH level is easily determined using a kit for pH and chlorine testing and should be performed twice a day.

* Decreases and stabilizes the water pH level.

* Water transparency.

* Decreases the acidity of the water.

* Fast dissolving product, highly stabilized.

100% produced in Italy with the safety data sheets registered at the Italian Superior Health Institute.

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PH MINUS - The perfect pH balance should be between 7.2 -7.6. Adjusting the pH value is the first step to having healthy water that respects the skin.

It is essential for an excellent water treatment and to avoid the discomfort that a pH imbalance can produce on bathers.

The pH value may be subject to strong fluctuations when it is not kept in the ideal condition.

If the pH is too high:

* Cause irritation of eyes and skin.

* Reduces disinfectant effect.

* Deterioration of flocculation (water turbidity).


* Add 1.5 kg of MINUS GRANULAR PH every 100 m³ of water, to decrease the pH by 0.2 units.

This dosage is purely for guidance.

The pH value of the water must be between 7.2 and 7.6 and its control must be carried out daily, using a suitable pH analyzer (test kit).


In the absence of bathers in the pool, pour the required dose of PH MINUS GRANULARE into a container with water, spreading this solution evenly over the surface of the pool.

The information contained in this technical sheet is correct on the basis of our knowledge, nevertheless, since the conditions in which this product is used are not under our direct control, we assume no responsibility for any damage resulting from its incorrect use.

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Weight (Kg)
Product Gender
Corrector of PH (pH-/pH)
Sodium bisulfate
Solid Slightly yellowish, Quick dissolving granular pH reducer, highly stabilized


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pH minus swimming pool water pH reducer - granular pH corrector 1Kg

pH minus swimming pool water pH reducer - granular pH corrector 1Kg

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