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Lava stone 25 - 56Mm - barbecue - sauna - aquarium decoration 10kg-LordsWorld - Barbecue-Lava Stone-1

Lava stone 25 - 56Mm - barbecue - sauna - aquarium decoration 10kg

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LAVA STONE is made of lava, a substance which is erupted by volcanoes and which, by cooling and solidifying, gives rise to this effusive type stone.


The lava stone has a rather irregular shape, and it is a stone that, once heated, emits a high degree of heat, which is retained for a long time maintaining a constant temperature for 25-35 minutes even when the fire is off.

Kind Of Product: Lava rock for gas bbq. Packaging: 10Kg. Mm Grain Size: 25 – 56. .

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Basically the lava stone is used as a heat propagator, used for the barbecue and sauna inserted between the heat source, for example the gas, and the plate on which they will cook the food (allows you to cook meat as if it were on charcoal .)

The advantage lies in the fact that while the charcoal requires quite long ignition times, the lava stone can be put on in a very short time, such that the lava stones are hot enough to start grilling the dishes.

The stones must be arranged in such a way as to cover the entire flame, the regulation of the flame will also regulate the degree of heat of the stones themselves.

In general, foods cook completely on their own without burning quickly or emitting unpleasant smell of smoke.


For gas barbecue.

For saunas.

For decoration of aquariums.


When the stone is used for the first time it is necessary to carry out a series of operations that will not be carried out for subsequent uses.

You have to wash the stone with water (salt in case of barbecue) and dry it thoroughly.

For use in aquariums and saunas, washing with running water is recommended.

During the washing it is forbidden to use any type of detergent that could impregnate the stone and make it unusable.


We do not need to add fat to the dishes.

They do not create fumes that could harm your health.

Suitable for long cooking.

They keep the heat for a long time.

It keeps the temperature constant for 25-35 minutes even when the fire is off.


Apparent density - 2.795 Kg / mc.

Coefficient of imbibition - 10.20%.

Simple compression breaking load - 113.4Mpa.

Tangent elastic modulus - 25.032MPa.

Elastic modulus secant - 18.347 MPA.

Indirect tensile strength through bending - 10.7 MPa.

Wear for sliding friction: coefficient of abrasion at the Tribometer - 4.37mm.

Impact failure test (minimum fall height - 63cm.

Micro-hardness Knoop - 4825 MPa.


Average volume weight - 2.658 gr / cmc.

Real specific weight - 2.856 gr / cmc.

Porosity - 7%.

Resistance to medium compression - 1642 kg / cmq.

Gelivity - 1930 kg / cmq.

Wear resistance - 0.64.

Crushing coefficient - 115.8.

Flexural strength - 167.2 kg / cmq.

Total breaking load - 0.275 mm.

17 Items

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LordsWorld - Barbecue
Lava stones
Lava stone for gas barbecues.
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Lava stone 25 - 56Mm - barbecue - sauna - aquarium decoration 10kg

Lava stone 25 - 56Mm - barbecue - sauna - aquarium decoration 10kg

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