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The filter swimming pool Silica Sand Quartz, Or Glass swimming Pool

The filter swimming pool silica sand quartz, or glass swimming pool are constituted by a tank filled with sand or glass, with a valve on the top or side, and the hydraulic system with slots or slotted holes in the bottom of the tank, under the sand, or glass.

The dirty water in the pool is conveyed to the valve on the top of the filter, which diffuses the water through the surface of the sand or glass to the inside of the tank of the filter.

While the water flows through the sand, or glass, all the dirt in the pool water is left trapped in the sand or the glass.

The clean water on the bottom of the tank is collected from the hydraulic system grooved is fed in the middle of the sand bed or glass, and out again from the valve on the top of the filter to return to the pool.

Sand filters or glass are the least expensive type of filter for the swimming pool and require very little maintenance.

The filters for the pool sand or glass trap particles of debris of a size of 12 "micron", and are suitable for any outdoor swimming pool.

The only regular maintenance required for a filter for swimming pool sand or glass, is a quick cleaning once every two weeks.

This cleaning process quick and simple is called "backwashing", and basically means to reverse the flow of water through the tank filter sand or glass.

Instead of sliding through the sand or the glass of the filter, the water flows through the sand or glass during the backwash and dirt that has accumulated in the sand or the glass is extracted from the filter.

In addition to backwashing, the sand or glass inside the tank, the filter needs to be replaced with sand or glass, fresh every 2-3 years.

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