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Products based on chlorine, when dissolved in water, they act by releasing hypochlorous acid, the active agent in the sanitary facilities.

The adjustment of pH in the pool is essential, as well as the safety of the swimmers, to ensure the effectiveness of the chlorine in our pool.

There are a variety of products based on chlorine, which serve different purposes.



Solid product in the form of pills 200g expressly formulated to avoid, with one application in the pool water, algae growth, keeping the water transparent and crystalline. specific product for disinfection of your pool public or private.

Disinfectant, Antialghe, Stabilization, and Transparency Of the water, Biocide

2, CHLORINE 50/20 SHOCK (granular & tablets)

The chemical compound that is a quick dissolving, highly stabilized, is particularly suitable for the treatment of water in swimming pools and the surfaces in the tiles.

Good for Initial treatment: Add 15 g of DICHLORO ISOCYANURATE 55% or 1 tablet of CHLORINE 50/20 SHOCK for every m3 of water. Spent 2 hours, adjust the water pH between 7.2 and 7.6 using PH PLUS or PH MINUS.

Sanitizer, Shock, Superclorazione, Biocide, Troclosene Sodium, Dihydrate.

3, TRICHLORO 90/200: organic Compound of slow dissolution, highly stabilized for disinfection and maintenance of crystalline water and hygienically pure.

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