Tax Included. Tax Excluded.

Here you can find all categories whose products can benefit from our free shipping program.

To benefit for this program, all you have to do is add any products that belongs to one of these categories to the cart.

It is important that the total weight of products in the cart is 50kg, once this threshold is reach, the free shipping carrier will appear in the checkout page.

Do note, it is not a must that just one product should reach the threshold, it can be as many products as possible, what is important is the total weight in the cart is a minimum of 50kg.

Programme valid for Italian destinations only.

Happy shopping.

Algaecides -

Automatic Robots -

Barbecue Accessories -

Brushes -

Chemical Products -

Chlorine -

Clarifiers And Enzymes -

Cleaning Nets -

Dispenser -

Electrolysis System -

Hose -

Lava Stone -

Lighting -

Mud Vacuum -

Ph Corrector -

Saltwater Chlorinators -

Sandblasting Accessories -

Stain Removers -

Thermometers -

Ventilators -

Water Analysis -

Wintering -

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