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Construction Accessories

Complementary accessories for swimming pools


A swimming pool is not only the tub and water, it needs many other components to make it usable, healthy, functional and just as beautiful.

At Lordsworld we are specialized in selling at 360 degrees all the items and accessories that make your swimming pool standard and beyond.

Our selection of products by prestigious brands makes it easy to choose the most appropriate, ranging from the most important to the less likely but much necessary.

The POOL PUMP that has the position of the heart of the swimming pool, helps with the recycling of water and the operation of other components to always have the swimming pool clean and healthy.

The POOL FILTERS working like the swimming pool liver, without which you can not get rid of the impurities introduced inside by the swimmers and atmosphere.

The POOL COVER as our skin, protects the swimming pool from the introduction of foreign bodies and keeps the temperature enjoyable.

The POOL SHOWER, even if not considered so important, helps to keep down the amount of bacteria and impurities introduced by bathers.

POOL LIGHTING makes a good impression for our eyes, creating a relaxing environment, as well as an added value for the security of the swimming pool surroundings and your yard.

The HEATING for swimming pool, is considered less, but goes to great length in contributing to the enjoyment of the swimming pool for a longer period during the year, even for a night swim. Imagine the pleasure of taking a dip with the cold temperature outside.

The access LADDER in the swimming pools is a jewel for disabled persons, elderly people and children because it guarantees the entrance and exit of the swimming pool in complete safety, so they should not give up the pleasure of swimming pool relaxation.

Speaking of children, what more beautiful can you give them than a personal water park? Already having a swimming pool, the addition of a POOL SLIDE and POOL TRAMPOLINE will certainly exalt their pleasure of fun in outdoor life.

In addition to the above listed, lordsworld gives tailored advice for your every need guiding you the best during your shopping experience in order to meet your needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us even only for information purposes, we are here to serve you best.

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