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    1Kg Flocculants tablet 100gr clarifying swimming pool water anti-turbidity LordsWorld Pool Care - 1

    Flocculant tablet 100gr clarifier for pools water - anti-turbidity 1Kg

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    100gr Flocculant tablets - Anti-turbidity eliminates colloidal particles

    Constantly improves the transparency of water thanks to a permanent flocculation, available in 1kg packs.

    * Anti-Turbidity - Clarifies swimming pool water by retaining suspended particles in the pool water.

    * They are highly concentrated double action tablets: coagulant and flocculant.

    * Specifically formulated to obtain a better performance of the sand filter.

    * It’s use also reduces the consumption of sanitizing products.

    * The particles suspended in the water are slowly dissolved and completely eliminated (metal ions, organic and inorganic materials, etc.).

    100% Made in Italy with the safety data sheets registered at the Italian Institute of Health.

    Packaging: 1kg

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    FLOCCULANT TABLETS - Product with coagulating action. Its simple application eliminates the particles in suspension, improving the transparency of the pool water.

    * Ideal for pool water recovery or continuous use with metering pump for dosing in public pools.

    * High coagulation speed. Good settling speed. Satisfactory behavior at low temperatures.

    * Formation of easily filterable floccules. Lower content of soluble aluminum in the treated water. Elimination of organic matter.

    * Tablets have the property of forming floccules in the water at the filter inlet.

    * These floccules settle on the surface of the filtering charge, retaining all the suspended particles in the pool water as they pass.  


    Application every 10 days.

    * Pools from 10 to 50 m³: 1 tablet.

    * Pools from 50 to 100 m³: 2 tablets.

    * Pools from 100 to 150 m³: 3 tablets.

    These doses are indicative and can be modified according to the turbidity of the water.  


    Place the necessary pads in the skimmer baskets after washing the filtration system.  

    The information contained in this technical sheet is correct on the basis of our knowledge, nevertheless, since the conditions in which this product is used are not under our direct control, we assume no responsibility for any damage resulting from its incorrect use.

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    Flocculant / Anti-turbidity / Clarifier and enzymes.
    Aluminium sulfate
    Produced in 100g tablets with the property of forming floccules

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    Flocculant tablet 100gr clarifier for pools water - anti-turbidity 1Kg

    Flocculant tablet 100gr clarifier for pools water - anti-turbidity 1Kg

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