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Liquid anti-limescale - prevents limescale formation for pools 10Lt LordsWorld Pool Care - 2

Liquid anti-limescale - prevents limescale formation for pools 10Lt

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Anti-limescale liquid for swimming pool - Prevents limestone formation

It prevents limescale deposits, eliminates metal particles and prevents filter clogging and corrosion of metal parts.

* It avoids the calcification of the filters favoring filtration.

* Prevents the formation of limestone deposits on walls, ladders and pool floor caused by hard water.

* Keeps water recirculation channels, pumps and heat exchangers clean.

* Product compatible with all sanitizers and algaecides in the product range.

* Easy to use product, which helps to keep the pool water crystal clear as it keeps the pipes and circuits clean throughout the recirculation system.

100% Made in Italy with the safety data sheets registered at the Italian Institute of Health.

Packaging: 10lt (2 x 5lt)

Weight (Kg): 10

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ANTICALCARE - Best in controlling the formation of calcium precipitates in swimming pools


Initial treatment:

* Pour 2lt per 100m³ of water.

Maintenance treatment:

* Enter 1.5lt per 100m³ of water once a week.

These doses are of an orientational nature and can be modified according to the hardness and salt content of the water.

* In pools with hardness above 35°F and temperatures above 28°C the dose must be increased by 25 - 50%.

IMPORTANT: If the amount of iron contained in the water is higher than normal, apply the product in water before chlorination or any other oxidizing treatment.


* Dilute the required amount in a container containing water.

* Spread the solution obtained uniformly over the entire surface of the pool, keeping the filtration system switched on with the pump running.

The information contained in this technical sheet is correct on the basis of our knowledge, nevertheless, since the conditions in which this product is used are not under our direct control, we assume no responsibility for any damage resulting from its incorrect use.

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Data sheet

Weight (Kg)
Product Type
Anti-limescale / Avoid Limestone Formation / Clarifiers And Enzymes.
Phosphonate based liquid
colorless green liquid, avoids the formation of limescale in swimming pools
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Liquid anti-limescale - prevents limescale formation for pools 10Lt

Liquid anti-limescale - prevents limescale formation for pools 10Lt

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