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Chlorine tablets - Slow dissolving 200gr biocide trichloro 5Kg-LordsWorld-Chlorine-1

Chlorine tablets - Slow dissolving 200gr biocide trichloro 5Kg

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200g slow-dissolving trichloro tablets 200g - Excellent for maintaining the pool water.

Specific product for disinfection and maintenance of water quality in public or private pools.

* Biocide Disinfectant: For the elimination of harmful microorganisms in order to have a healthy and safe pool.

* This product is able to slowly improve the level of chlorine, in order to oxidize the microorganisms present in the pool.

* Trichloro 90% concentrated tablets can be placed in the skimmer basket and in floating and non-floating dispensers.

* The amount of use of the product depends on the climatic conditions and the operations of the pump.

* Ideal for slow and constant chlorination of pool water.

100% Produced in Italy with the safety data sheets registered at the Italian Institute of Health.

Packaging: 5kg

Weight (Kg): 5

The delivery time for this product is 1 - 3 working day.
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TRICLORO LENTO: Slow-dissolving organic compound, highly stabilized, for sanitizing and maintaining crystal-clear and hygienically pure water.

To be used after the water has been treated.


Initial treatment:

* Add 15 g of granular chlorine or 1 tablet of CLORO SHOCK for every m³ of water.

* After 2 hours, adjust the pH of the water between 7.2 and 7.6 using PH PLUS or PH MINUS.

Maintenance treatment:

* With the correct water pH, the maintenance treatment can be carried out in two different ways:

              1) Place 1 slow trichloro tablet for every 15 m³ of water every 7 days in the skimmer baskets.

              2) In those installations where a dispenser is used, fill the latter with slow trichloro tablets and then let the water circulate.

* These dosages are of an orientational nature and can be modified according to the characteristics of each swimming pool, climatology, etc.

* The initial treatment (super-chlorination) must be repeated whenever a lack of water transparency is noted.


* Introduce the required dose of slow trichloro into a skimmer or a dispenser, thus putting the filtration system into operation so that the product can be dissolved by the circulation of water through the skimmer or the dispenser .

* It is also necessary that the entire volume of water in the pool is recycled at least once a day, through the filtration system.

* The free residual chlorine must be located between 0.5 and 1.2 mg/l, a value that can be easily measured using a special chlorine and pH analyzer. This check should be carried out at least twice a day.

5. TIPS:  

* Keep the water flow completely open in the skimmers and in the bottom outlet during the filtration process.

* Keep the baskets of skimmers clean (leaves, paper, etc.) to obtain the correct dissolution of the tablets.

* Avoid contact of slow trichloro with the pool surfaces in pools made of polyester or vinyl, as this product bleaches them.

* It is advisable to introduce the new dose of slow trichloro when the tablets inside the skimmers have been reduced to 10% of their original weight.

The information contained in this technical sheet is correct on the basis of our knowledge, nevertheless,   since the conditions in which this product is used are not under our direct control, we assume no liability for any damage resulting from its incorrect use.

33 Items

Data sheet

Kind Of Product
Flammability (solid/gas)(°C)
+ 250
Weight (Kg)
Water treatment
Useful chlorine content
Type / Physical Form
Solid in 200g tablets
Simclosene, Chlorine.
Suitable for
Swimming pools
Items included
Chlorine tablets
Water type
All water types
Biocide for pool maintenance
PH (20°C)
2 - 3
Oxidizing properties
Melting point (°C)
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Chlorine tablets - Slow dissolving 200gr biocide trichloro 5Kg

Chlorine tablets - Slow dissolving 200gr biocide trichloro 5Kg

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