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Maintenance Accessories

Maintenance Accessories

In this category you will find the right accessories for cleaning the swimming pool.

Organic materials fluctuate a pool's water balance and consumes many disinfectants, so regular cleaning helps reduce the amount of chemicals needed to keep the pool clean and safe.

Pool maintenance can be a tedious task without the right tools, we have different types of tools for all the cleaning actions necessary for your pool ranging from automatic cleaning robots, brushes, nets to collect leaves/skimmers, chemical dispensers, water pipes, mud aspirator, automatic and manual pH meter, thermometers and sand/glass for filters and many others.

Having a cleaner pool not only makes it more pleasant to use, but also makes it healthier and safer for swimmers.


pH Tester

The beginning of the warm weather also means that it is time to start checking the quality of the pool water for...


A swimming pool thermometer, just like any other thermometer helps measure the temperature of the pool water, is...


Chemical dispensers are essential for the distribution of chlorine, bromine or other swimming pool chemicals in...

Mud Vacuum

Mud vacuum aspirators for swimming pools are quite essential for cleaning your swimming pool, just like the...

Cleaning Nets

A leaf collection net/skimmer is one of the easiest ways to remove floating debris such as dead leaves and...

Sand & Glass For Filters

The filter system is a very important part of the swimming pool and sand filters are generally the most compact...


Brushing the walls and floors of the swimming pool removes film of hardened dirt, therefore difficult to remove...


The water pipes are available in different diameters and lengths, 1.25 inches, 1.5 inches and 2 inches....

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